Rub Mobile English - Retorn

What is Rub?

Why choose it?

100% Natural

Made with organic natural rubber, without any colorant. There is no risk of poisoning by wear of a Rub. By its quality, floats on water.


You can fill it with treats and your dog will love it. Most Rubs can be refilled to reward your pet. If your dog has Rub permanently without treats it may lose interest in him.

Happiness for your pet

The domestic environment makes it difficult for your dog stimulate his natural instinct, causing unwanted behaviours. We enrich his days with Rub.

Education and fun

Your dog will sniff, chase, capture and chew as in its natural environment. Rub is designed for enjoyment and relaxation of your dog, never as a challenge to be destroyed.

Joan Carles Prats

Dog Trainer

"It is the perfect product to stimulate and educate your pet. The texture of the natural rubber is very pleasant for them for chewing, which achieves a relaxing effect."